DUOPUU – in collaboration with the editor and content manager Giuliano Geri – is working on a new communication program for Gandelli Group, an Italian leader in timber building construction. With our more than ten-year experience in executive design we are following closely the construction process of Gandelli Group’s strategic projects, offering consultancy, documenting the building phases and preparing diverse communication material, from photography and drawings to copy, in order to provide a comprehensive insight into their innovative sustainable timber construction solutions.

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DUOPUU is photographing the main construction phases of the sustainable wooden resort "CampZero" at Champoluc (Aosta) designed by BladIdea architectural office and build by Essepi and Collini Lavori. The hotel is characterized by a system of 2/3-storey modules completely made using the advanced X-Lam prefabricated technique formulated and tested by Essepi. Massive wooden panels with preinstalled wooden windows are built in factory and ready to be transported on site safely and assembled together quickly to form the modules.

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Sustainability, wood and innovative building systems for a new ecological design of our houses and cities. DUOPUU will push architects designers engineers and students into the fundamental basis of the modern architecture of wood at the first workshop by Opendot dedicated to the wood as a modern and technological construction material.

Topic: Opendot workshop legno-DIC2015

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DUOPUU designed the new corporate visual identity for Essepi factory, a brand leader in the sustainable buildings sector which specialises in the manufacture of highly energy efficient windows, X-Lam wood massive panels (CLT) and multistory wooden building construction. DUOPUU designed catalogs website, advertising campaigns… working with the photographer Giulio Boem in order to create a poetic atmosphere where the industrial products seem to arise from nature.

Topic: Wood windows Essepi

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DUOPUU provided the technical consultancy for the design and construction of an ecological additional story – made of a prefabricated X-Lam panels – on the roof top of an existing building in Padova. [design and construction: Opere Edili Srl; client: private; details: office 300 sq. m.; status: completed]

Topic: Soprelevazione Tommaseo PD

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Technical consulting concerning the timber structure and the use of wood of a two-storey house into the trees of the Montagnola Senese in the countryside of Siena. Basement, external walls and roof are projected to guarantee a high level of thermal insulation, using only insulation panels made of renewable materials in order to obtain a low energy demand ecological wooden house.
[architect: Andrea Magrini; client: private; details: private house 200 sq. m.; status: on-going]

Topic: Casa Siena

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