DUOPUU is collaborating with Enrico Molteni Architecture office in the design of a new kindergarten made out of engineered wood and organic/bio based building materials, interpreting the curvilinear shapes of Enrico Molteni’s project in an unconventional wooden building using standard and certified elements. First prize Competition / Design: Enrico Molteni Architecture / Status: on-going / Total surface: 1700 sqm / Drawings and pictures by Enrico Molteni.

Topic: A new kindergarten

Categories: educational building


DUOPUU is providing the technical consultancy for the executive design of a new net-zero emission small educational workshop designed by Atelier delle Verdure – architecture & landscape studio. The new building entirely made out of CLT structural panels will be almost-100% natural, renewable, recyclable and reusable. The architectural components will be based on certified low embodied carbon materials: cork and wood fibers for the insulate panels and prefabricated cross laminated timber panels for the structures. Moreover, the project is working on ensuring a minimum environmental impact for the construction phases and for the entire lifespan of the building. [Concept and design: Atelier delle Verdure; co-design and works management: DUOPUU; client: private; status: on-going / Render by Atelier delle Verdure]

Topic: Educational workshop AdV

Categories: educational building


As research fellow Paolo Simeone collaborated with Guido Callegari – professor and researcher in architectural technology – to design the original graphics in his very interesting essay Vertical extensions as a strategy for the resilient city inside the new book "Roofscape Design. Regenerating the City upon the City" (Berlin, Jovis, 2021) written by Guido Callegari and Gustavo Ambrosini  both professor at Department of Architecture and Design, Polytechnic University of Turin. The graphics support the essay helping the reader to show the complex connections between the construction sector and the circular economy, existing buildings' architectural additions and the whole life cycle carbon assessment and the adaptive reuse as a driver for the development of new scenarios and strategies / Hands: Nina and Zeno.

Topic: Roofscape Design

Categories: book, graphic design, research


DUOPUU provided the technical consulting for a preliminary concept of a new model of environmentally low-impact residential buildings designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel firm. With ACPV research team DUOPUU defined the systems and strategies for sustainable prefabrication processes and off-site architectural methods, considering timber as the main constructive material / Competition / Status: finished / Collaborations: prof. Guido Callegari, Politecnico di Torino.

Topic: ACPV

Categories: off-site architecture, sustainability


DUOPUU provided the concept and executive design of a wooden furniture system for the new retail shops of RCE FOTO company. RCE FOTO is the biggest Italian retailer of used professional photography equipment with tested guarantee. The lightweight and prefab furniture system is designed to be quickly and easily assembled in the existent shops. The system is characterized by a strong RCE FOTO identity and is easily adaptable to various different shop layouts. [Client: private; status: on-going]

Categories: furniture, interior design, shops


DUOPUU is providing the technical consultancy for the executive design and the support for the works management during the construction phases of one of the Italian largest extra storey wooden extension. At the Research Area of the National Research Council in Pisa, on the rooftop of the existing 2-storey offices and laboratories palace "Block-C", almost 2000 square meter/1 storey new ecological office building is growing, without impacting the regular work and daily activities in the floors below.

The use of wood, and in particular the innovative construction system based on load-bearing elements – walls, beams and roof – 100% made of CLT massive wooden panels has been adopted as the winning choice for a non-impacting construction site. FSC certified CLT cross laminated panels from the Trentino Region, pre-cut through innovative CNC machinery and ready to be transported, moved and assembled quickly, have allowed to build a new resistant and relatively light wooden skeleton without any additional static reinforcements on the existing structures that have not been altered. Moreover, high-levels of building components' prefabrication and modularity (acoustic and thermal insulation layers, facade systems and roof elements, interior finishes, technical installations etc.) have been studied and developed to guarantee an efficient and sustainable construction process and control for the environmental impact of all the building phases. The new offices will be certified according to the rigorous national standards in terms of indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, fire resistance performance, durability and will host more than 60 workers and researchers when finished.

[concept: Cnr-Pisa, Prof. Ing. Ario Ceccotti and DUOPUU; design and works management: Cnr-Pisa; construction: Rielco Srl; client: public; status: completed]

Topic: Cnr-Pisa

Categories: offices