DUOPUU are Andrea Briani and Paolo Simeone who are Italian architects and experts in innovative, sustainable building systems based on wood. Both have been also researchers at Cnr-Ivalsa Trees and Timber Institute of the National Research Council of Italy, former director prof. Ario Ceccotti.

DUOPUU designs ecological wood buildings characterised by high earthquake resistance, high levels of fire safety and sound absorption, low energy demand and excellent durability. DUOPUU offers also technical assistance for wood building design, in particular for durability, energy efficiency, use of renewable materials, efficient building processes and reduction of construction phases.

Responsible management of forest resources can guarantee responsibly produced wood products… that is why DUOPUU works with all materials, but especially uses wood: an extraordinary material to build ecological houses and to respect the planet, too!

DUOPUU are also graphic designers and xtracycle riders.

[*PUU is the Finnish word of "wood"]