DUOPUU and Dotdotdot designed a wooden wall for the new Opendot fablab in Milan. 9 prefabricated X-Lam panels assembled together by 400 screws and 20 metal angle bracket to form a big wooden wall 7 m large and 5 m high. Construction time: 10 hours! Thanx Ben, Cemma and everyone at Dotdotdot/Opendot.

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KOTA is a small (6 square meters floor area) transportable modern tent consists of 8 prefabricated modules – 4 for the walls, 4 for the roof and 2 for the basement – made of light timber-frame structure and OSB panels designed by DUOPUU and built by the students of the "Carpentry and joinery course", "CFP-Veronesi" Rovereto professional training school. KOTA's prefabricated modules can be easily moved – their maximum weight is less than 130 Kg – transported by a small truck to the final destination and quickly assembled to the others by screws to form an ecological tent made of 95% PEFC certificated red spruce wood. An innovative waterproofing and breathable membranes system by Rothoblaas was used for the roof and walls external layer to guarantee a high level of both durability and comfort.
DUOPUU would like to thank the following: Sabrina, Raffaele, Vitaly, Claudio, Abdoulaye, Marco, Nikolai, Fabrizio and Ivan (Veronesi); Gianluca Salvatori (Progetto Manifattura); Alice, Albino and Francesco (Rothoblaas).

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Wood, as a building material, is used in ways which were almost impossible to foresee just a few years ago. The growing concern for sustainability along with the need of preserving existing resources and making the best possible use of them, have led indeed to a radical change also in the choice of building materials. Wood has become the primary element of a lifestyle oriented towards wellbeing, efficiency and harmony with nature. The MUSE gallery Innovare in Trentino, dedicated to local research and innovation, shows the peculiar features of this material, from the viewpoint of its technological, energetic and architectural application. New methods of harvesting timber, multi-storey wood buildings, furniture, zero impact wood processing, construction and design: they all contribute to an all-round view on wood – a constantly changing living matter, old as the world is and new as the dawn. ("WOOD. Legno, edilizia e tecnologia", Muse-Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Italy, 2014).

Concept and executive design by DUOPUU with Cnr-Ivalsa and Muse; graphic design by pupilla grafik. DUOPUU would like to thank the following: Giovanna F, Giovanna B, Martino, Marco, Max, Alberto, Labess and Kuba (Ivalsa); Alessandra and David (Muse).

Without the passion and the work of professor Ario Ceccotti the tables of WOOD would have been empty.

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DUOPUU is teaching in a "Carpentry and joinery course", financed by European Social Fund, at the "CFP-Veronesi" Rovereto professional training school. Partecipants – fifteen unemployed workers from all over the world – must learn to design and build timber roofs, traditional floors and joints. Thanks to Ljuan, Michel, Mohamed, Muhammad, Mustapha, Nouredine, Stefano, Zulfi, Elkin, Ionel, Khaled… you are great carpenters!

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XS Ivalsa Prototype is a single prefabricated and transportable housing module designed by DUOPUU and Cnr-Ivalsa Wood building design lab. The module – 11 sqm floor area; m 2,40 X 5,50 base area; m 2,80 height – consists of a transformable living room with kitchen, bed and table as well as one bathroom: XS is a "sustainable wooden caravan" made of 90% renewable materials based on wood, without any toxic treatments. The prototype has been prefabricated in the Ivalsa labs in 5 days ready to be moved by truck to the final destination, in order to be quickly installed and used. Using this first XS prototype as a starting point, DUOPUU is developing an innovative construction system for X-Lam (cross laminated timber panels) modular buildings of different size by assembling a series of prefabricated wooden modules, built entirely in the factory, easily transportable and mountable to obtain the final building in a few steps and short construction phases. More about XS

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MIT Sustainable Connected Home is a transportable prototype house designed by DUOPUU and Cnr-Ivalsa Wood building design lab, within an international research project carried out by the Mel Mobile Experience Lab of MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology and FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler. Different disciplines have been involved in the MIT prototype: from architecture to information and communication technologies, from timber building technologies to home automation. The goal of the project was to design the building envelope as a modular, transportable structure of sustainable components made out of wood and, at the same time, create a network of sensors - actuators - control systems to optimise the overall performance of the house. Watch the official video. More about MIT

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