Executive design and technical consulting for a two-storey wooden house in the countryside of Padova. The entire main structure is made of prefabricated X-Lam panels and glulam beams and designed to be assembled in 5 days. [architect: Simone Pometto; client: private; details: private house 150 sq. m.; status: completed]

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DUOPUU collaborated with the Claudia Narenti architectural office for the reconstruction project of an old building in Cesuna – a small town on the Altopiano d’Asiago – using sustainable materials and technics as much as possibile. 100% timber construction system was chosen for economical and environmental reasons. Due to the building elements specific storage and handling difficulties, the executive design included a special prefabricated X-Lam modules system based on wooden massive panels 125 cm (width) x 290 cm (height) x 10 cm (thick) ready to be easily assembled on site. The two-storey house meets the ecological standards of low-energy-demand building. [client: private; details: private house 120 sq. m.; status: completed]


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DUOPUU loves to ride special long-tail cargo bicycles, an ecological and efficient innovative transport system to carry people, kids, stuff and everything for leisure and work. DUOPUU designs and assembles long-tail bikes using Xtracycle Californian kit. Please send email to info@duopuu.eu. Less car, more go!

Un paese si può definire sottoattrezzato quando non è in grado di dotare ogni cittadino d'una bicicletta [...]. È sottoattrezzato se non può offrire buone strade ciclabili oppure un servizio pubblico gratuito di trasporto motorizzato (ma alla velocità delle biciclette!) per chi intende viaggiare per più di poche ore consecutive. Non esiste alcuna ragione tecnica, economica o ecologica perché in qualsiasi luogo si debba oggi tollerare una simile arretratezza. [...] C'è posto, in altre parole, per un mondo di maturità tecnologica: è il mondo di coloro che hanno triplicato le dimensioni del loro orizzonte quotidiano salendo su una bicicletta.
Ivan Illich, "Energie et équité", 1973.

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Laser cutting on Birch plywood panels for digital-fabricated furniture prototypes. FF Letterine font – by Italian type and graphic designer Alessio Leonardi – has been engraved using GCC Laser Pro Machine at Opendot Lab in Milan.
Faisons ces valises... Afin de partir!

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MOLE = MODULO LEGGERO is a light-wooden-construction prototype entirely made by 5X8 (cm) timber frame structure, OSB and gypsum-fiber panels, and thermal/acoustic wood fiber board insulation. DUOPUU designed the prototype to test different ways to build small modern and ecological prefabricated wooden houses with good performance in terms of mechanical behavior and building-physics performance, durability and design. MOLE is going to be assembled by the students of "RED-New technologies in green building" course organized by ITS School of Padua with Bertiato Gianluca Construction Company, under the technical supervision of DUOPUU.

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At the Opendot fablab, designer Enrico Bassi and DUOPUU held a workshop on the design and construction of a wooden bicycle for kids. Starting from the customization of the basic cut-files Birch plywood panels have been cut, drilled and carved by a CNC Router to obtain all the components of a real bicycle ready to be assembled using simple nuts-bolts and screws. Thnx to Matilde, Martino, Filippo, Rhino, Daniele, Carlo, Fabrizio and everyone at Opendot/Dotdotdot.

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