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DUOPUU is designing a new life for an abandoned villa made of 100% wood and never finished. The greenest building is the one that already exists; this is even more true if the starting point is a house already built in timber. Selected portions of main bearing elements, both horizontal and vertical, have been analyzed to define the entity of mechanisms of wood degradation in the CLT panels and design specific intervention methods. The project's goal is not to demolish the villa and not re-build a new one, demonstrating a new scale of circularity both in the impact of the building construction and the re-used materials and minimizing the new ones / Client: private / Total surface: 300 sqm / Status: on-going.

Topic: Abandoned villa

Categories: circularity, restoration


In a small village in Valsesia Alpine Valley, DUOPUU is providing consultancy for the restoration project of a typical traditional house out of stone and wood, supporting the client-designer in his responsible choices concerning the environmental sustainability of the new materials and technological solutions. Larch massive timber structures, hemp+wood fiber insulating panels, and lime plasters will be the main components to create a new balance with the original materials and construction techniques / Client: private / Status: on-going.

Topic: Casa Mia

Categories: restoration