DUOPUU with Stefania Presti designed a two-story wooden house – sitting among hills in the Northern Italy, near Brescia – for a very special musician called "Asso" who wanted to restore his old storehouse and turn it into a studio to play instruments (first floor) and a small flat to live with his family (second floor). High levels of sound and thermal insulation for the external walls, floor and roof were studied in order to completely insulate the studio from the flat and the neighbourhood, and to guarantee a low energy demand to heat and cool the house. A construction system based on X-Lam cross laminated timber panels for the load bearing structure was chosen with special wood fibre insulation boards fixed both externally and internally to the structures. Fire resistance is assured by double gypsum fibre boards fixed on the external side of the inner insulation boards. The 90% of the building components are made of renewable materials: wood, paper, gypsum and clay.
[client: private; details: private house 140 sq. m.; status: not built]

Topic: Casa Asso

Categories: works/wood

Tags: house, not-built

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