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The Piazza has always been a special place for Milano Film Festival. Even in the first editions, part of our efforts to organize a film festival was aimed at public spaces. The reason wasn’t clear at the time, at the end of the 1990s. But that's how Esterni and Milano Film Festival have grown together: by taking up and reinventing both familiar and unknown places. (Natalia Larovere, Esterni)

For the Milano Film Festival 2018 Dotdotdot multidisciplinary studio designed the spaces and the temporary pavilions of the main square for the 23rd festival edition. DUOPUU together with the designer Johannes Klein collaborated with Dotdotdot to design the square Piazza XXV Aprile and 4 wooden pavilions, from consulting to wooden construction system to the building supervision. Prefabricated CLT panels has been used for a big pavilion and three small ones in order to create new functional spaces quickly and without altering the recently renovated famous square. [design: Dotdotdot; client: private; details: square+pavillion 300 sq. m.; status: completed]

Well known to Milan's inhabitants, this city square (…) has become a pedestrian crossroads for thousands of people every day. Precisely a crossroads. Today's challenge is to slow down traffic, attract casual passers-by and integrate them with the Festival community: viewers, professionals, directors and actors, guests who hold the square as their daily meeting place. (Natalia Larovere)

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