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DUOPUU – in collaboration with the editor and content manager Giuliano Geri – is working on a new communication program for Gandelli Group, an Italian leader in timber building construction. With our more than ten-year experience in executive design we are following closely the construction process of Gandelli Group’s strategic projects, offering consultancy, documenting the building phases and preparing diverse communication material, from photography and drawings to copy, in order to provide a comprehensive insight into their innovative sustainable timber construction solutions.

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DUOPUU designed the new corporate visual identity for Essepi factory, a brand leader in the sustainable buildings sector which specialises in the manufacture of highly energy efficient windows, X-Lam wood massive panels (CLT) and multistory wooden building construction. DUOPUU designed catalogs  website, advertising campaigns… working with the photographer Giulio Boem in order to create a poetic atmosphere where the industrial products seem to arise from nature.

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Wood, as a building material, is used in ways which were almost impossible to foresee just a few years ago. The growing concern for sustainability along with the need of preserving existing resources and making the best possible use of them, have led indeed to a radical change also in the choice of building materials. Wood has become the primary element of a lifestyle oriented towards wellbeing, efficiency and harmony with nature. The MUSE gallery Innovare in Trentino, dedicated to local research and innovation, shows the peculiar features of this material, from the viewpoint of its technological, energetic and architectural application. New methods of harvesting timber, multi-storey wood buildings, furniture, zero impact wood processing, construction and design: they all contribute to an all-round view on wood – a constantly changing living matter, old as the world is and new as the dawn. ("WOOD. Legno, edilizia e tecnologia", Muse-Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Italy, 2014).

Concept and executive design by DUOPUU with Cnr-Ivalsa and Muse; graphic design by pupilla grafik. DUOPUU would like to thank the following: Giovanna F, Giovanna B, Martino, Marco, Max, Alberto, Labess and Kuba (Ivalsa); Alessandra and David (Muse).

Without the passion and the work of professor Ario Ceccotti the tables of WOOD would have been empty.

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